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    Don't miss out on the opportunity to win one of the major trophies on offer. Especially the 2011 Pentamind

    World Amateur Poker

    This is an event open to both adults and juniors alike. Practice your live poker and you may even get to call yourself the Amateur World Champion.

    We don't play for money just medals. This gives a unique opportunity for under 18s to show how good they are with a junior title up for grabs too!


    Special MSO events

    As part of our main competition (see full schedule) there are several special events. These events come with titles and trophies but do not comprise a single event but instead comprise other events. Anyone can enter these events for free provided that they have entered enough of the eligible tournaments.

    The Pentamind

    Most participants in the Pentamind World championships take advantage of the special price to enter as many events as they like provided that they do not clash in the schedule. This is probably the MSO's most prestigous trophy. It only takes 5 events of your choice to enter.

    Abstract Games

    Abstract Games is a unique competition in that a person uses as many tournaments as they wish. This encourages players to experience a whole new range of games

    Amateur Olympiad Championships

    Many of the more established games have an array of events as part of the MSO. In order to determine the best player in the MSO this year a trophy takes the player with the best aggregate score using a fixed number of the games that they play in.

    World Amateur Poker Champion

    Although we don't play for prize money to allow our competitions to be open. We do offer the titles of world amateur champion and also under 18 amateur world champion.To enter the best 5 of the pot limit poker finishes using pentamind points are used to decide the champions.

    Other Tournaments

    Here are the details for some other games events that may be of interest to you. If you find any broken links please let us know.
    21 Aug 201629 Aug 2016Mind Sports OlympiadLondon, UK
    The main mind sports tournament featuring many world championships, and many other games. Now in its 20th year.
    27 Aug 201604 Sep 2016MSI ChampionshipsLille, France
    Offering several events in single mind sports like Scrabble and Chess. More for specialists in one game..
    13 Oct 201616 Oct 2016Spiel 2016 (Essen)Essen, Germany
    One of the largest games festivals for designers and enthusiasts in the world.
    22 Oct 201630 Oct 2016Central European MSOPrague, Czech Republic
    The 12th CEMSO in the Czech Republic offering competitions in multiple Mind Sports.
    14 Dec 201618 Dec 2016World Memory ChampionshipsSingapore
    The 25th Memory world championships.