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MSO 2013

Don't miss out on the opportunity to win one of the major trophies on offer. Especially the prestigous 2013 Pentamind and Modern Abstract Games World Championships.

World Amateur Poker

Live poker open to everyone even under 18s.

We don't play for money just medals and the title of amateur World Champion!

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Games at the MSO

We offer a large range of open and fun competitions. So somewhere in our many games you are bound to find a game to love that you never even knew existed. Don't let it stop you if you have never played before, come along to this years Tournament and there will always be people happy to teach you how to play. Where possible out events are played using Swiss movements to guarnatee that everyone gets as many games as possible and that most of these games will be against someone of a similar level.

The Mind Sports Olympiad annual tournament offers the widest range of strategic games for any competition in the world. We have pioneered many events for all-rounders. These can be found in the Multievent section. The ground breaking brought together many of the classic games into a single competition. But the most prestigous award that the Mind Sports bestows is that of Pentamind World Champion.

If you are really after the ultimate challenge take advantage of our recession busting special price for playing the whole 11 days. It is a real challenge to try and just compete in every session and at well under 1 an hour is unbeatable value for entertainment and fun. But be warned some of our serious participants can lose up to half a stone whilst eating junk food.

We give out Medals and Awards for all of the events and the Results section contains all of our past winners.

MSO 2011 Tournament Rules and Tiebreaks

The general tiebreak rules for competitions in 2011 can be found here.

Some competitions have more comprehensive rules that can be found on the game article page. Which can either be found via the links Timetable sorted by game, navigting via the categories or using the games A-Z.

Where there are 2011 tournament rules published on the individual games page these take precedence over the general tiebreak rules.

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There are people who take the games they play very seriously. They study, practice and are ready to win every time they play. Other people play games solely for entertainment - like games you play at online casinos. They like to play slot machines like those found at and other games that don't require a lot of skill and concentration. We have games to suit both types of players.


Games can be viewed alphabetically at Games A-Z, but you will probably find it more helpful to view the games by categories as given below: