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MSO 2013

Don't miss out on the opportunity to win one of the major trophies on offer. Especially the prestigous 2013 Pentamind and Modern Abstract Games World Championships. 2013 will see the first ever Ladies' Pentamind.

World Amateur Poker

Live poker open to everyone even under 18s.

We don't play for money just medals and the title of amateur World Champion!

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Mind Sports Olympiad Partners 2012

The MSO would like to thank the University of London Union and The Third Space for their help.

Sponsors and Press Information

The MSO welcomes anybody wishing to volunteer to help out with the running of the event and should use the details in Contact Us to get in touch.


The MSO contains a large number of games that do not have established graphics for the use of television commentary. There are a large number of software applications that exist for displaying positions on a computer and evaluating positions often to a very high standard and we would be happy to point any potential broadcaster in the right direction. As with all press we welcome all enquires and will try to help out by making expert players available to talk to you. Our Poker tables are not fitted for any special camera angles, but if you can provide the capabilities and it does not overly interfere with the players we will be happy to make any technical accomodation you require.

Automatic Position Tracking

If anyone wishes to test out any software for reading in positions from live games we would be more than happy to help them out. In the past we have held competitions of man against machine and many of our top players are highly computer literate.


We are normally happy to oblige press, but we have strong demands on our time running so many competitions so it is best to make contact before turning up and contact should be made through the front desk.


We are not a profit making organisation and would welcome any support of time or money that you would be prepared to help us with. The mind sports olympiad has had many individual sponsors that have helped us meet our high running costs through their generous donations and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them here. If you want to have a banner added to a particular Game page please Contact Us. It is possible to add a prize fund to a specific event and we would be happy to allow anyone to do this as long as they can guarantee their ability to pay and we may require a small percentage to cover running costs.

Adding a game

Although, on the spot tournaments have been run in the past as part of the MSO, normally we require that an event be demonstrated before its inclusion into the MSO proper. If sufficient notice is given to include the event in the printed schedule, can seek permission to add the event without the need to have the event as a demonstration. We always welcome new games and challenges, but many games fail to meet the level of complexity and skill to satiate the top Pentamind competitors.