All medals for Demis Hassabis by year

Demis Hassabis representing England has won medals given in the table below.

Alternatively these can be viewed by year or by game

Borderline World Championship12000
Borderline World Championship12001
Chess Evening 311998
Chess Evening 122001
Chess Fischer Time12004
Chess BlitzBlitz 212006
Continuo World Championship11998
Continuo World Championship21999
Continuo World Championship32000
Decamentathlon World Championship21997
Decamentathlon World Championship31998
Decamentathlon World Championship12003
Decamentathlon World Championship12004
Diplomacy Olympiad Championship31999
Diplomacy Olympiad Championship32000
Diplomacy Olympiad Championship12001
Diplomacy Olympiad Championship22003
Entropy World Championship21999
Entropy World Championship12000
Entropy World Championship12001
Entropy World Championship12003
Entropy World Championship12004
Entropy World Championship12006
Entropy World Championship22013
Intimate Diplomacy Intimate12004
Learn and Play New Games 11999
Lines of Action World Championship32000
Oware Olympiad Championship31999
Pentamind World Championship21997
Pentamind World Championship11998
Pentamind World Championship11999
Pentamind World Championship12000
Pentamind World Championship12001
Pentamind World Championship12003
Pentamind World Championship22004
Poker: 5 Card Draw (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12003
Rummikub Olympiad Championship21999
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship12001
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship12003
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship22004
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship22013
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship12014
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship32015
Settlers of Catan (cards) Olympiad Championship11998
Shogi Rapid PlayRapid Play31997
Shogi Rapid PlayRapid Play11998
Snatch World Championship22003
Twixt World Championship21997