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Poker has fast become pone of the most poopular mind sports in the world. The complexities of bluff and double-bluff contrast its simple rules of the best 5 cards win. In its early days on television poker players used to judge themselves simply by how much money they had won. nowadays status is gained from winning titles and bracelets and the money is just extra. at the MSO we go even further and we only play for medals and fun. Of the many poker varities we play all of the pot-limit pokers are used to find the Amatuer World Chapion of poker. As we don't play or money it means that we allow anyone of any age to compete for our poker medals. We even have junior titles to be won.

No Limit Texas Holdem remains the most popular variant of poker but some of the other forms are gaining in popularity. As you can see at most online poker sites now offer Horse, Omaha, Stud games and Razz. Some sites even have Draw Poker. Once you get familiar with the hand ranks listed below you can try any of the variants but it is probably wisest to start with Texas Holdem.


Poker is about making the best possible 5 card hand from a valid combination available to the player. The scoring hands are as follows.

A straight is when all the cards are consecutive with Ace being either high or low. A flush requires 5 cards all of the same suit. A fullhouse is 3 of a kind and a pair combined. Poker at the MSO is usually pot limit. This means that the maximum raise is the size of all the money in the middle after you have called. Anybody can correct an overbid not just those still in the hand. At a players turn there are five options check (this is when a player needs to pay no more chips in order to stay in the hand) this can be done by knocking the table. Call, if another player has increased the amount of chips. This means that a player has to match the amount (or put in all their chips if this is a smaller amount) in order to stay in the hand. If a player does not w

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MSO Champions

2015Martin HobemagiEstoniaAmateur World Champion
2014Ankush KhandelwalEnglandAmateur World Champion
2013Mike DixonEnglandAmateur World Champion
2012Ankush KhandelwalEnglandAmateur World Champion
2011Tim HebbesEnglandAmateur World Champion
2010Etan J. IlfeldUSAAmateur World Champion
2009David M. PearceEnglandAmateur World Champion
2008Dario De ToffoliItalyAmateur World Champion
2007Martyn J. HamerEnglandAmateur World Champion
2006Martyn J. HamerEnglandAmateur World Champion
2005George I. MillerEnglandAmateur World Champion
2004Mathew J. CordellEnglandAmateur World Champion
2003Tim D. BrownEnglandAmateur World Champion
2002Kevin StebbingEnglandAmateur World Champion
2001Michael A. WellbyEnglandAmateur World Champion
2000Carl NilssonSwedenAmateur World Champion
1999Gary J. LeeEnglandAmateur World Champion
1998Gary J. LeeEnglandAmateur World Champion

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