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Hexago is also so known as hexago Continuo due to being created by Maureen Hiron who created Continuo. Unlike Continuo the scoring moves only run into the outermost tiles, but the scoring means that there can be a huge difference in scores. It is a good game for building number skills and requires thinking about how your opponent will respond.


The game of Hexago plays like any tile game where you have to join the played piece to at least on of the pieces already played. The start rule is the same as for Continuo where two tiles are placed one from the top of each players pile and the highest possible scoring configuration is made (these points do not go to either player) The scoring is done by adding up the spots on each number that has been made from the placed hexagon. Then a multiplier is used to work out the bonuses. To score you must match either the colour or the number on each segment. If both the colour and number are the same that segments score is multiplied by 2. Then if more than one segment has been made then there is a multiplier of the number of scoring segments made giving a maximum bonus of 6x. The play continues until both players have run out of either time or tiles in their pile and the winner is the player with the most points.

MSO Champions

2007David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion

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