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The Decamentathlon was created for the Mind Sports Olympiad. It is one of the few competitions or tests that allow a games player to demonstrate their expertise across a range of games. Often the top players in games like Chess and Go do not even complete their schooling in order to study their game for hours everyday. The Decamentathlon provides the opportunity for players to show how good an all-rounder they are. Unfortunately having to set the event as a test has left a slight English language bias. This bias is from the events Intelligence and Creative Thinking. This was not enough to prevent Gert Schnider from winning the event in the fourth MSO. To win the Decamentathlon shows that a player has great all round ability with perhaps only medallists in the Pentamind being able to claim to be better all-rounders. Indeed three of the Grand Masters at the Decamentathlon currently hold the first three positions in the League 1.

The events of the decamentathlon were changed for 2008 to include Backgammon in the place of bridge the original events were as follows:


The decamentathlon is set under exam conditions with some of the papers being individually timed and the rest have a shared time. The standard rules for each competition apply and this is especially true for both the Mental Calculations paper and the Memory section.

MSO Champions

2015Chris BryantEnglandWorld Champion
2014Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2013Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2012Alain S. DekkerSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2011Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2010Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2009Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2008Alain S. DekkerSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2007Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2006Mathew J. CordellEnglandWorld Champion
2005Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2004Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2003Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2002David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2001Ben PridmoreEnglandWorld Champion
2000Gert SchniderAustriaWorld Champion
1999Paul SmithEnglandWorld Champion
1998Paul SmithEnglandWorld Champion
1997A. DysonEnglandWorld Champion

Full results for Decamentathlon can be found here.

MSO Ranked Players at Decamentathlon

MSO International Grandmasters

MSO International Masters

MSO Candidate Masters