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Bridge is probably the most skilful Card Game and is one of the ten events in the Decamentathlon. It is played worldwide, although there are individual formats of bridge competitions the bidding is rarely to the same standard as when established pairs are used and the differing international styles makes a common system difficult. Bridge is one of the few games that is played at the Mind Sports Olympiad that cannot be learnt in 10 minutes before the start of the competition. The terms such as Grand slam and conventions such as blackwood combined with a complex scoring system make for a lot to learn. This is why the game of Minibridge was invented. There have been a wide range of bridge competitions held at the MSO with many categories such as Ladies Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Novice pairs. The main event at the MSO has featured some of the top players in the world (e.g. Bermuda Bowl winner Geir Helgemo thanks to the support of players such as Zia Mahmood.


You can find out about opportunities to play Bridge live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Bridge (Pairs) Champions

2005 Alexander Morris England Olympiad Champion
Andrew Woodcock England
2004 Michael Byrne England Olympiad Champion
Michael Newman England
2003 John Rudolf England Olympiad Champion
Pauline Rudolf England
2001 Margaret Lee England Olympiad Champion
Peter Lee England
2000 Brian Senior England Olympiad Champion
Espen Erichsen Norway
1999 Espen Erichsen Norway Olympiad Champion
U. Durmus England
1998 Chris Jagger England Olympiad Champion
John Young England
1997 David Higginson England Olympiad Champion
Michael Gold England

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Bridge - Pairs Ranked Players:


  Ben Green, Bob Rowlands, Brian Senior, Espen Erichsen, John Armstrong, John Holland, John Rudolf, Margaret Courtney, Michelle Brunner, Paul Hackett, Pauline Rudolf, Rhona Goldenfield, Sally Brock, Ting To, Tony Wilkinson, U. Durmus, Ursula Harper


  Alex Wilkinson, Bernard Goldenfield, David Higginson, David Mcdouall, Dmytro Nikolayeno, Doug Smerdon, Eva Kaplan, J. Tesselaar, Jenny Morris, John Durden, John Hackett, Justin Hackett, Kevin Comrie, Kitty Teltscher, Lena Morrish, M. Beyer, Martin Hoffman, Michael Byrne, Michael Courtney, Michael Gold, Mike Alexander, Mike Walsh, Paul A. Lamford, Paul Chemla, Paul Fegarty, Paul Mendelson, Peter Tobias, Robert Sheehan, Ross Harper, Sheena Haytack, Stephanie Rohan, Su Burn, Zia Mahmood


  Byron Crittenden, Elizabeth Roberts, Howard Melbourne, James A. Bochsler, Joyce White, Kathleen Nelson, Tom Townsend, Tracy Capal

MSO Bridge - Teams Ranked Players:


  Bernard Goldenfield, Geir Helgemo, Jason Hackett, John Holland, Justin Hackett, Maria Budd, Martin Hoffman, Michelle Brunner, Nick Sandqvist, Paul Hackett, Phil King, Rhona Goldenfield, Su Burn, Tom Townsend


  Asad Salam, Barbara Hackett, Bill Hirst, Bob Rowlands, Brian Cornelius, Brian Senior, Craig Fisher, David Barton, Espen Erichsen, Jeff Smith, John Hackett, Margaret Courtney, Margaret Lee, Michael Courtney, Peter Lee, Steve Dannell, Ting To


  Alan Jones, Bharat Thakrar, David Audley, Frank Brown, J. Tesselaar, M. Beyer, Maurie Esterson, Tige Nando

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