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Ranks and Medals at the MSO

The MSO has Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each event, as long as there is at least one more player than the medal position (meaning that with only three players there will only be a guaranteed silver). Originally these awards were real medals, tasteful marble awards were used instead but for 2012 we will again be having medals pictured below.

The MSO has its own international ranking system. There are three possible ranks available International Grandmaster , International Master and Candidate Master. To obtain a rank you must win at least two full medals in the same event in different years. Some Games have sub-categories of title. To become a grandmaster a player must have won 2 Golds or 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals. International Master requires either 1 Gold and either a bronze or silver, 2 silver medals or a silver and 2 bronzes. Candidate Master is for a silver and a bronze or 2 bronze medals. Each rank means that a player can get a signed embossed certificate. The ranked players for each game can be found in the Results for each event or in the players profile. An online rank does not guarantee that a player has gained that rank this would need to be checked by an official at the competition.

The MSO gives out junior medals / awards for the best junior in the main competition. The criteria to count as a junior can change from year to year but is currently anyone aged under 19 on the day of the competition. There have to be at least 4 juniors in a competition or a medal will only be awarded to players that finish above half way. Ranks can only be awarded for full adult medals and beginner and junior medal do not count towards ranks. The Junior pentamind competition results are calculated in the same way as results for the Pentamind World Championships and the highest three juniors win the medals.