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MSO XV Pentamind

Sunday 28th August 2011

Over 170 people representing more than 25 countries took part in this years Mind Sports Olympiad. While the numbers were lower than wanted, the standard of the play was high and we are hopeful to significantly grow this number for next year.

Pentamind World Championships

The main trophies went as follows:
The Pentamind World Championships was won by Andres Kuusk with a total score of:

Using as his long events Lines of Action with equal first and Entropy Andres also tied for first place.

Andres other three events were the Draughts/Checkers which had a strong contingent from Turkmenistan and the poker - Boku world championship outright Andres gained his third 100 score.

Second in the Pentamind was MSO international grandmaster Tim Hebbes. And third becoming a candidate master was Ankush Khandelwal.

The top junior was Tomasz Bazant from Poland and so becomes junior Pentamind world champion for 2011.

The highest placed Woman overall was Kertu like Andres also from Estonia.

The Modern Abstract Games World Championship

This year the abstract games saw a change of format from the previous three years when any number of abstract games could be used. The result new structure of only using the 5 best events made the competition much closer.

The Modern Abstrct games was won by the 3 times defending World Champion David Pearce with a score of 445.58. He won three world championships winning every game (Continuo, TwixT and the new kamisado) and his other two events were Azacru World Championships in which he had taken silver and Boku.

Andres Kuusk took the silver in the Abstrct games making a close competition with him also scoring well over 400 points with 438.66. Third was taken by Martyn Hamer who was some distance behind on 371.78 points

Other Medals

Abalone was won for a third time by France's Vincent Frochot although there was a close match between him and England's David Pearce in the last round which would have decided the winner.

Lost cities was won by South Africa's Alain Dekker.

The final poker event was the Heads-up Texas Hold'em and there were some close battles with two drawn matches! The eventual winner was Bharat Thakrar.

Dario De Toffoli the 2008 Amateur Poker World Champion playing getting ready to play Estonia's Kertu. A match that ended in a draw.

The Poker Amateur World Championship had been a tightly fought battle for the minor medals on the final day but the eventual winner Tim Hebbes was not really troubled Mike Dixon had been narrowly denied the overall Silver medal when Ankush luckily beat Mike's pair of aces double suited at the final table. The silver was won by England's Peter Watts.

The Go 19x19 was won by Matthew Cocke

Paco Garcia De La Banda 2010 Pentamind Champion playing Go.

And Finally...

The final day was closed with a closing medal ceremony made more interesting by the room below being full of 100s drummers pactising for the next day's Nottinghill carnival. Luckily they were persuaded to have teabreak so the disruption was kept to a minimum. And the final event this year comes on the Monday from the swimming pool.